Flat Line Finishing Systems

Our solution allows the painting of regular and/or shaped panels on moving transport, by means of oscillating motion spray guns.

The machine is monolithic, and includes:

  • 1 support transport and painting pieces with mixed tubular structure and welded and painted sheet metal profiles and special transport, with paper or disposable products support surface.
  • 1 painting booth with welded and painted tubular structure, galvanised sheet metal internal panelling and one-arm reciprocator with movement on recirculating ball bearing guides, with toothed belt transmission.
  • Attachments and supports for 2 guns.
  • 1 dry painting fumes suction system.
  • Lateral transport ducts with baskets for pre-filter and final filter.
  • Fume expulsion electric fan.
  • 1 air reintegration system inside the cabin.
  • Hood with axial fan for air reintegration, and cabin ceiling filter.
  • 1 electrical cabinet complete with control and protection devices, plc for machine operation and gun spraying, electrical cabinet.

Technical characteristics:

  • Basic spray management electronics for max. 2 spray guns.
  • Operation on the working profit compared to the transport centreline (the operator decides how much transport profit to paint).
  • 1 paint circuit with high pressure pipes for each circuit, with nickel-plated/galvanised fittings.
  • Predisposition for connection and assembly of 2 guns.
  • Paper/plastic film conveyor belt width 1700.